Bill Gates Top 10 habits :


Bill gates top 10 habits

1_Starts his day by reading news and business headlines :


  • Every day morning, he reads business headlines and reading news.

  • In his personal blog through Twitter he openly speaks about public health policy, currently the top issue which he is working, writing and speaking on.

2_Five minutes Scheduling Method :


Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk schedule is broken up into five_minutes intervals and Bill Gates does the same.Every moment is carefully planed.


3_Regular Exercise:


  • Despite his busy schedule, he works out for about one hour every day on a treadmill.

His primary goal is to active and fit physically.


4_Enough Sleep Pattern :

  • Seven hours of sleep each night is his fitness secret, because he knows that enough sleep:

  • Maintains his physical and emotional health.

  • Prevent a variety of health issues, such as obesity, depression and heart diseases.

5_Consumption of water (H2O) :


Bill Gates consumes a lot of water which is necessary for good health.


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  • Frequent intake of water is essential for the right functioning of the body.

6_ Does Meditation :


  • Bill Gates acknowledges on mental wellness in addition to physical fitness,he therefore does meditation for

  • helps him to focus better

  • helps him to manage stress.

Bill Gates once said, “I am finding that meditation is helping me be more focused, more creative and less stressed,” in a blog on his website.


7_ Smart Goals:


  • Bill Gates smart goals helps him

  • To stay motivated and track his progress.

  • To stay motivated and dedicated to his fitness routine.


8_ He checks his health regularly :


  • Gill Gates monitors his health and take steps to avoid or treat any serious health issues.

9_ He Balances Between Professional and Personal life :


  • Another good habit of Bill Gates is his “Work-life Balance”.

” I spend some time with family and kids and to do activities outside that I enjoy”, he openly talks about it on his personal blog post.


10_He trusts his own judgment :


  • When Bill Gates came up with the idea of Microsoft, he was criticized by investors as impractical.

  • But his vision was clear despite that most people don’t trust him.

And eventually he took great risk and succeeded to achieve his mission.



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