Group exercise extra health benefits 


Group exercise extra health benefits



Exercise enhances ;


  • Mood

  • Quality sleep

  • Increases sex drive

  • Boosts energy level

But doing exercise in groups have a tremendously health benefits.


Below are some extra advantages of group exercise ;


1_ It increases :


  • Environmental fun

  • Increases fun


  • Exercise in groups creates fun and environment more enjoyable .

  • In group exercise your level of energy becomes doubled.

  • As it involves social aspect that’s why it turns hard workouts into fun and enjoyable.


Group exercise motivates new exercises:


Individual exercise misses out variety in your daily workouts but group exercise gives you an opportunity to try something new and get extra health benefits to your daily workout routine.



Group exercise share a common interest :



  • In group exercise you meet new peoples and socialize you at the same time in the society.

  • In group exercise all share their common interest _workout!


Group exercise produces more endorphins :



Working out with music in group exercise produces the hormones in your brain called endorphins.


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Endorphins are chemicals that makes you happy and increases your fitness level.



5_ It creates motivation :


  • Group exercise increases your output because more people are sorrounded by you and everyone tries to do their best.

  • Group members are much more motivated than individual performers.


6_ Group exercise increases safety :



  • In group exercise at least one person have high experience and helps you to avoid injury.

  • Group members in group exercise provides you extra safety during workout.


7_ Group exercise are very easy :



As other peoples are responsible for planning your workout, you just follow the instructions and leave.


            Work done!


8_ Group exercise builds up new friendships :


Because of like minded peoples in the group helps you to make new friends that boost your happiness and enjoyment.



9_ Focuses towards the same goal :



Due to social aspects, group members encourage people to keep up and strive toward the same goal.



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