Top health benefits of vitamin C :



Top health benefits of vitamin C


Vitamin C enhances ;

  • Your body fitness

  • Increases your health strength.


Below are the benefits of vitamin C relating to your health in your daily routine .


“Vitamin C “


Vitamin C is ;

  • Water_soluble

  • Production of it doesn’t takes place within your body.


Here are some benefits of vitamin C ;


1_ High blood pressure control management :


Vitamin C relax blood vessels that carry blood from the heart to reduce the level of blood pressure. It reduces ;

  • Systolic blood pressure by 4.9 mmHg

  • Diastolic blood pressure by 1.7 mmHg.


2_ It lowers heart diseases:


  • Proper supplement of it decreases heart diseases.

  • It also lowers bad cholesterol too.

  • Experts recommends it 500 mg daily intake.


3_ It controls deficiency of iron:


  • Iron is very important nutrient for making red blood cells because red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

  • Vitamin C absorbs iron from the diet.

  • Vitamin C 100 MG increases absorption of iron.

  • In short, vitamin C reduces the risk of anemia.

  • Anemia is a disease suffering from iron deficiency.


4_ It boosts your immunity system:


  • It produces white blood cells which helps to protect the body against infections.

  • As an antioxidant, it strengthens skin’s barrier and improves skin’s defense system.

  • It helps to heal the wounds faster.


5_ It reduces blood uric acid :


  • Uric acid is a type of waste product that your body produces.

  • Excess production of it deposits in your joints and a disease called ‘Gout’ becomes your life partner .

  • Gout is a painful and inflammatory disease of the joints.


6_ It improves brain health :


  • It is super important and increases your mental health due to an antioxidant properties .

  • It reduces mental health disorders sure as;

  • Depression

  • Anxiety


7_ Vitamin C improves skin health :


  • It is used in the formation of collagen

  • Collegen enhances your skin glow and smooth.

  • Prevention of UV rays which is harmful for your skin blocks due to vitamin C.


Sources of vitamin C :


The main food nutrients of it are mainly fruits and vegetables as;

  • Oranges

  • Lemon

  • Grape fruit

  • Tomatoes

  • White potatoes.


Vitamin C Deficiency :


The following are the common signs of vitamin C deficiency ;


  • Swelling or bleeding of gums.

  • It delays skin healing wounds.

  • Loss of hair.

  • Fatigue

  • It weakens connective tissues.



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