Top health benefits of vitamin E :


 Vitamin E is ;

  • Fat-soluble

  • Consist mainly antioxidant properties.


Free radicals which exist in the human body, antioxidant fights with them and cancel the effects of a disease.


Some health benefits of vitamin E are;


1_ It improves nail health :


Vitamin E helps and support nail health and dry skin around the nail bed.


2_ It reduces skin itching:


  • Allergic reactions can’t be treated by vitamin E but it reduces skin itching.

  • It helps to prevent dry skin.

3_ It moisturizing the skin:


Many moisturizers uses vitamin E which helps to treat dry and flaking skin.


4_ It prevents sunburn in your body:


Formation of sunburns can be treated by vitamin E, but the best way to protect from direct sun is by wearing sunscreen.


5_ It strengthens the immune system :


  • Proper supplement of vitamin E supports the immune system and produces ‘t’ cells in the body.

  • The main function of  ‘t’ cells are, it activates immune cells and fights against the infected cells.


6_ It protects the signs of aging :


  • It maintains the skin healthy due to its antioxidant properties which protects it from the sign of aging.

  • Its deficiency causes

  • DNA damage

  • Protein oxidation    ( protein oxidation leads to the signs of aging).


7_ It improves kidney function :


Due to its antioxidant quality, it reduces blood pressure and helps to maintain the proper  function of kidney.



8_ It improves eye health :


As it contains antioxidant due to which it protects healthy eye tissues.



Vitamin E deficiency :


  • It damages muscle tissues

  • It weakens the immunity system

  • It creates vision problems

  • It looses feelings in arms and legs.



Main sources of vitamin E :


It is mainly found in;


  • Almonds

  • Peanuts

  • Mango

  • Spinach

  • Green leafy vegetables.


Proper intake of vitamin E per day:


According to the modern research, it recommends ;


  • 4 MG a day for men

  • 3 MG a day for women.



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