Jeff Bezos Top 10 habits :


Following are the best habits of Jeff Bezos which made him a billionaire.

1_ Jeff Bezos wakes up early in the morning :


  • There is an expression that                                      “That early bird catches the worm”.

  • So he wakes up at 5:00 am to be exact.                 A simple reason is ;

  • To do things like meditating

  • To answer some important calls and e-mail.                                    He once said, “As a senior executive, you get paid to make a small number of high – quality decisions”.          And this is possible only with a good night’s sleep.

2_ Reading a Newspaper :


  • Jeff Bezos reads a newspaper daily in the early morning having a cup of tea in their hands.

  • He does his breakfast with his four kids and wife.

3_ He scrubs his own dishes :

  • Jeff Bezos cleans his own dishes in the kitchen.

  • One research showed that small tasks stimulate creative problem – solving.

Jeff Bezos do it to recharge their mind by doing simple tasks like washing dishes in the kitchen.


4_ He thinks for the long term :


  • Jeff Bezos thinks that a long term game will be beneficial for Amazon.

  • When e-books first published in the market, Jeff Bezos losses of about 5 dollars per e-book.

  • Later on with his this surprising strategy, he laid the foundation of Kindle.

5_ He makes their own Rules :


  • Jeff Bezos introduced a rule “The Two-Pizza Team”.

  • He made a team that two pizzas should be enough for their feeding.

  • According to him, “Larger groups are less productive”.

6_ He loves Customers:

  • One of top habit of Jeff Bezos is to make their customer happy.

  • Jeff Bezos encouraged customers to post their thoughts, even if they were negative.

  • The modern e-commerce platform totally depends open the customer reviews. So Jeff Bezos made their customers ‘King’.

7_ A Passion for Adventures:

  • He travels to the bottom of the ocean.

  • He climbs on Amazon wind turbine.

  • He goes to dog sledding.

8_ He eats a lot of Proteins:

  • He eats fish like Tuna, Salmon and Trout that are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, is used for building muscles that we see on Jeff Bezos.

9_ He does exercise frequently :

  • Pull ups is his secret fitness exercise.

  • Jeff Bezos does this type of exercise to make their abs and core areas strength.

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10_ He enjoys Conventional activities :


  • Kayaking and Tennis are the two activities that Jeff Bezos enjoys a lot from that.

He also enjoys horseback ride.

              He once said, “Three days, superfun, my butt hurt.



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