Ratan Tata is one of the most influential leader in India.

He led the company “Tata Nano” to $100 billion with his great leadership.

Ratan Tata best habits

1_ He loves to take risks:


  • Taking risks is his favorite passion.

2_ He was humble:


  • Rejected a job opportunity from IBM and joined his family business, he remained a humble man throughout his career.

  • Staying humble played a big role to make him a great leader.

3_ He believes on principles, not on personalities :


  • He once said, that a company should be run on principles,not on personalities.

  • He had some core values which he followed throughout his journey.

  • Public safety and welfare are the values which he always followed.

4_ He puts smile on his face :


  • In every difficult situation, he always remained positive and puts a smile on his face.

  • He was doer, not a criticizer.

5_ He was a great leader :


  • Leadership qualities made his company big.

  • Leadership qualities also helped him to run his business smoothly.

  • He never left work for tomorrow.

  • He created organization structure from the center to states.

6_ He was creative :


Ratan Tata is a man with creative skills and due to his creativity, he made a thinnest watch and cheapest car in the world.


7_ He was highly respected :


  • Ratan Tata was a highly successful and respected leader in India.

  • For social responsibility, he made great efforts.


8_ He was a disciplined person :


No one knows about his daily routine but he is very disciplined and dedicated to his work, and maintains his health by doing regular exercise. 



9_ He always looks for innovation :


He emphasized the importance of innovation and looking for new things and new ways to improve and grow.


10_ He is unmarried :


  • Ratan Tata talks during an interview that he managed to marry four times in the past but  canceled due to multiple reasons .

  • He loves his dogs so much and go for a run in the morning.


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