Steve Jobs top 10 habits :


Steve Jobs top 10 habits

1_ Good Morning Person :


  • Once Steve Jobs said, that he was a “good morning person” and wake up at 6:15 am.

  • Steve Jobs is a fruitarian, mostly eats fruits, nuts and seeds.

  • He also likes carrot juice.

2_ Work Time:


  • He opens laptop after having finished their breakfast and work for an hour.

3_ He puts first things first :


  • Steve Jobs, really a busy person, he puts his health first.

  • He had Pancreatic Cancer that affects liver, therefore he chooses to take care their health first.

4_ He Thinks Win-Win:


  • Your mind thinks positively instead of negatively by thinking “win-win”.

  • Steve Jobs always thinks positively.

  • Although he created new technology, new brand products but he never gave up battling cancer even in the worst times.

5_ He seeks first to understand, then to be understood :


  • “Seek first to understand” means you have to listen what other says.

  • Do not interrupt other opinions, then people really understand you clearly too ( “then to be understood”).

6_ Team work and effort (Synergize):


  • Due to working together in a process and bringing everyone’s ideas and minds together, their Company “Apple” became one of the most valuable technology company in the world.

7_ He Sharpens the saw by taking care of his health:


  • Sharpening the saw covers four ways ;

  • Physically : you have to eat right, drink lots of water and have lot of rest.

  • Mentally : you have to read lots of books and learn a new thing everyday.

  • Emotionally : connect with others and make good friends.

  • Spiritually : you have to pray and go for a nature walk.

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8_ He always listens to “Inner voice and heart” :


He added that due to limited time, don’t waste tome and always listens to himself .


9_ He creates a need:


He made a device not for making calls but for editing photos, playing games and social networking.


10_ Steve Job’s Passion and Energy :


  • He created countless innovations.

  • He embodied long-term business success.

All due to his passion and energy.



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