Health benefits of vitamin D :



  Vitamin D is ; 


  • Fat-soluble

  • Improves bone growth

  • Improves teeth development.



Main sources of vitamin D:


The main sources of vitamin D is sunlight and certain foods also contain vitamin D.


Food sources of vitamin D:


  • It is present in salmon fish.

  • It is present in egg yolk.

  • It is present in beef liver.

  • It is present in milk.

  • It is present in yogurt.

  • It is present in orange juice.

“Function of vitamin D “


  • It regulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and is used to strengthen bones and teeth.

  • It’s proper supplement decreases heart diseases.

  • It regulates mood and reduce depression.

  • Proper intake of vitamin D helps to decrease weight loss.

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” Common diseases “


Hypertension,heart diseases and stroke are the common diseases due to deficiency of vitamin D.


Deficiency factors:


  • High pollution

  • Darker skin

  • Spend less time outdoors

  • High and big buildings where sun can’t reach.

are the main deficiency factors.


Symptoms of vitamin D

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency :


Vitamin D deficiency increases tiredness, weakness and stress in your legs, pelvis and hips.


Getting too much vitamin D :


Excessive sun exposure and more intake through diet produces toxicity in your blood calcium levels, which results health issues such as

  • Increases thirst

  • Increases dyhydration

  • Abdominal pain.

  • Confusion

  • Vomiting

Proper amount of vitamin D in infants:


Rapid bone growth occurs in infants and childhood period and during this period proper intake of vitamin D must be essential.

Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy :


  • It’s deficiency increases chances of premature birth.

  • It’s deficiency increases bacterial vaginosis.

  • It’s deficiency increases food allergy.

25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test:


Special test called 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Test is used to monitor your vitamin D levels in your body.




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