Top 10 fitness habits: 


Top 10 fitness habits


Fitness is very important part of your life. Happy life totally depends on your fitness level both physically and mentally. 


The following are top 10 fitness habits :


1_ Meditation for 5 minutes :


1_ Do meditation for at least 5 minutes.

2_ Do walking or swimming without headphones and focus on your breath.

1_ You should maintain your range of motion as you get older.

2_ Play with your kids with ease.

3_During lifting weights maintain your proper form.

4_ Go outside activities for fun. For example running, cycling, climbing etc.

1_Get yourself hydrated by drinking more water (H20).

2_It helps your joints lubricated.

3_Carries oxygen throughout your body.

4_Regulates your body temperature.

5_Enhances your skin health.

6_More importantly, it helps in your weight loss.

1_Because nature works best for your body, mind and soul.

2_Break up your work for 15 minutes by breathing fresh air helps your mental well-being.

1_ Go to bed early, avoid mobile phones and other electronics two hours before you sleep.

1_Do some stretching exercises or walking.

2_For your muscles strength do weight training.

1_ Avoid fast foods.

2_ Use fruits frequently.

3_ Eat low-fat and low- salt foods.

1_ Once or twice a month but make it romantic.

2_Helps to decrease stress and burn calories.

1_ Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, gambling or playing video games because it creates and increases your stress level.



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