Top 10 habits of Jack Ma :


Top 10 fitness habits of Jack ma

1_ Have a good sleep:

  • He said during an interview that when I sleep deeply. I fight more and more to achieve his mission.

  • He added,” of course, you are not happy when people say no “,   ” Have a good sleep, wakeup, try it again and again “.

2_ Wake up Routine :


  • Jack MA wakes up between 6am and 7am, spend some time with their family.

  • Jack MA is a “Tai Chi” practitioner and on business trips, he brings Tai Chi instructor for his daily workout.

  • The old Chinese martial art (Tai Chi) focuses on calm movements and fluid.

  • His stamina increases by Tai Chi regular exercise.

3_ Passionate about his work:


  • During college times, Jack MA faced many failures of the college exams, but he struggled again and again to fight back against failures, and went for what he wanted.

  • Now his net worth $506 billion success at Alibaba.

4_ Friendly Business Policy:


  • Jack MA unique business philosophy is the idea of friendly competition.

  • He loves his competitors whom he can learn and to achieve full potential success.

5_ The greatest failure is “Giving up” :


  • Jack MA said, If you go out, try your best to achieve your goal.

  • Obstacles and hardships comes time to time and you have to learn from your mistakes.

6_ He Enjoys His Life:


  • Jack MA loves his life.

  • Jack MA said during an interview that I am not born to work only. I enjoy my life as well.

  • He said, you have to change your mindset, If money is your goal.

7_He Hires Employee with Superior Skills :


Jack MA added that hire those people who are expert in their fields than you.                 If he doesn’t, it means you have hired the wrong person”.

8_ Single Goal :


  • Another good habit of Jack Ma is, he unites people under a single goal. This vision is more important than the leader.

9_ Foresight Habit:


  • Jack MA believes that a true and good leader should have foresight and should try to stay one step ahead of the competition.

10_ He Stresses the Importance of Passion:


  • Jack MA stresses the importance of attitude and passion over theoretical skills.            . He made big mistake while founding Alibaba that he hired managers and executives from the outside.



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