Top 10 habits of Mark Zuckerberg:


Top 10 habits of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook and is one of the wealthiest and most influential person on the earth, having a net worth of $100 billion.


1_ He Maintains an Exercise Routine :


  • When Zuckerberg gets up, he maintains an exercise routine.

  • He enjoys with his wife and daughters in the morning.

  • He also goes for a run with his big dog.

2_ He Wakes up at 8:00 am:


Mark Zuckerberg talks during an interview that I wake up at 8:00 am and then I check regularly;

  • Facebook

  • Facebook messenger

  • WhatsApp


3_ He always thinks about social media platforms :


  • He once told to CNN, “I spend most of my time thinking about how to connect the world and serve our community better”.

4_ He Believes in Continuous Reading :


  • A well-updated person is most respected.

  • Mark Zuckerberg also emphasizes continuous learning and to stay updated, due to which you look professionally.

5_ Work-life Balance :


  • He always balance between his family and work.

  • He spends some time with his beautiful two daughters.

  • He runs with his dog to make him refresh.

Work-Balance is the top priority of Mark Zuckerberg.


6_ He Learns From His Mistakes :


  • Mark Zuckerberg take risks to find out new things, when he fails, he learns from them.

  • He also emphasizes to learn at every stage in your life.

7_ He Wears the Same Thing:


He gets up early, stay focused and wear the same T- shirt every day.


And focuses on exercise to boost their immune system daily.


8_  He wants employees to correct him in public :


He said, “I like openness”,                            “It’s a little embarrassing, but it’s good to have”.


9_ He likes Pizza:


Having fried chicken on top of the pizza is his favorite dish.


10_ He focuses to build a strong team: 


  • He added, for building successful company, a great team is required.

Doing everything by himself is not possible.



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