Warren Buffet top 10 habits :

Warren Buffet top 10 habits

1_ He loves Reading :


  • He read books most of the day.

  • He recommends to read “500” pages per day for their success.

Buffet once said, “I read and think”.


2_ He loves Isolation :


  • He added that in isolation you  think fast.

  • You are undisturbed by unnecessary factors and the noise generally of business investments”.

Thinking +no internet =your focus becomes your future.


3_ He invests in Yourself :


  • He said that your health is the most important part of your life .

He focuses healthy eating, regular exercise and restful sleep every day.


4_ His Time Management 


  • He added, Invest your energy and time wisely because

  • Time is money

  • Time is energy

5_  He says Cash is king:


  • Warren Buffet said during an interview that for your business cash is super important as without oxygen you can’t live .

And he focuses to invest in government bonds, stocks and mutual funds.


6_ He Emphasizes to choose a Career you love:


He added that when you love your job, you can earn more income .


7_ He does not invest with Borrowed Money :


  • He said, when the market turns against you, chances are high to loose your money.

  • He focuses on saving and investing with your own money.

8_ He focuses on Quality over Brand Name:


  • Buffet advises to focus on quality over brand name during purchases.

  • Choose a product that benefits you. This strategy can save your money in the long run.

9_ He Emphasizing on a Simple wedding :


  • When Warren Buffet married to his second wife, their ceremony was celebrated at his daughter’s house.

Warren Buffet said that don’t spend too much on wedding, be simple and enjoy your married life.

10_ Avoid Debt, Especially Credit Card Debt:


  • Buffet once said,” Interest rates are very high on credit cards. Sometimes they are 80% and sometimes 20%”.

If you are smart, you can earn more money without borrowing.



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