What to drink during exercise 


What to drink during exercise


What is dehydration :


When your body loses more water than you take in, causes dehydration.


Water is very important as;

  • It lubricates eyes.

  • It lubricates joints.

  • It helps in digestion.

  • It makes your skin healthy.



It is very important to stay hydrated during exercise.


Your body is made up of 70% water, which helps to maintain body temperature and other functions.


Following are the some drinks you must use during your workouts ;



1_ Coconut Water:

Coconut water

  • As it contains high amount of magnesium and potassium that helps to recover salts during workout.

  • It boost your immune system and creating new cells.


2_ Watermelon Energizer:


  • It contains natural sugars and vitamins that helps to provide more energy.

  • After intense exercise, your muscles become sored.

  • As watermelon contains an amino acid which helps to reduce muscle soreness.


3_ Few drops of lemon juice :

Lemon juice

  • Some times our body produces extra acids.

  • Vitamin C is rich in lemon juice which helps to eliminate those acids.

  • Adding a few drops of lemon juice to water keeps you to stay hydrated and boost your immunity.


4_ Green tea :

Green tea

As it contains antioxidants that enhances your brain alertness, boosting your energy levels and prevents you from tiredness.



5_ Chocolate Milk:

Chocolate milk

  • It widens blood vessels and improves blood circulation through these vessels.

  • Rich in proteins and carbohydrates helping you to build more muscles.


6_ Water:


  • Water boost your metabolism, keeping you hydrated throughout your workouts.

  • Sweat evaporation during exercise maintains your body normal temperature.


Consumption the right amount of water :


You should consume water in workouts whenever you feels thirst.


  That’s simple formula!



Health problems due to dehydration :


  • Dehydration creates many health problems such as ‘Fatigue’.

  • Fatigue is, when you don’t consume enough water, your blood vessels become thick and your heart has to work harder.

  • As a result you get tired.



Symptoms of dehydration :


  • Your body feels thirsty.

  • Your mouth becomes dry.

  • Your urine becomes dark colored.


Major dehydration factors :


  • Exercise in hot weather causes dehydration.

  • Vomiting causes dehydration.

  • Diarrhea causes dehydration.

  • Excess sweating from a fever causes dehydration.


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