Why regular exercise improves your immune system 



Why does regular exercise improves your immune system

Exercise enhances your overall health but it has some extra benefits for your immunity system. 





What is immune system :


White blood cells that produce in the bone marrow and help to protect us from external dangers is called immune system.


External threats includes ;

  • Bacteria

  • Virus

  • Fungi

Due to regular exercise more white blood cells are produced and kills harmful bacteria and viruses that enters into your body.



Boosting your immunity is one of the factors of regular exercise but there are also some other factors during workout such as ;

  • Frequency

  • Duration

  • Intensity


Modern research shows that moderate workout is best for your immunity.



60 minutes or less workout enhances your immune system and slowly and gradually strengthens your metabolic system.


                   On the other hand, high intensity workout without proper rest between sessions can also harmful for your immune system too.



Daily Exercise Routine :


According to modern research every adult should do 150-300 minutes of moderate exercise per week.


“For Muscles Strength “


To train your muscles 2 days per week muscles-strengthing activities is enough.


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Types of exercise that boost your immune system :


According to modern research Arobic exercise such as walking, running or cycling is super important for your immunity.


Following are the some benefits of regular exercise that enhances your overall health and immune system ;



1_ It increases circulation of immune cells :


According to modern research, Arobic exercise for 60 minutes increase your defensive cells.


Defensive cells attacks when any harmful substance enters your body and kill them immediately.


2_ Regular exercise increases your body temperature:


For a short period of time, your body temperature increases during workouts and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.



It increases sleep quality and quantity :



As metabolic disorders reduce the antibodies that produce inflammation.


              So regular exercise reduces sleep loss that mainly affects the immune system.



4_ It decreases stress and depression :



  • Stress and depression directly impacts your immune system causing diseases and other infections.

  • So regular workouts decrease stress harmones and enhances a positive impact on your brain.

Can we exercise during sickness :


Exercise can delay your recovery or make it worse.


  • During sneezing, sore throat and runny nose, you can do some kind of moderate exercise.

  • But during cough, nausea and influenza, rest is your best option.


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