Why regular exercise is so important for health 


Why regular Exercise is so important for health



Burning extra calories from your body due to various activities is called exercise.


Types of physical exercise :


  • Jogging

  • Swimming

  • Running

  • Walking


Physical and mental health helps you to live longer.

Following are the some benefits of physical exercise.


1_ Exercise builds your muscles and bones :


  • Exercise is very important for building your muscles.

  • It builds bone strength.

  • Regular exercise absorbs amino acids from proteins and improves your muscles to grow and strong.

  • In younger age, it build bone density and prevents osteoporosis in later age.


2_ It helps in weight loss :


  • Obesity and weight gain are the two major problems in today’s life.

  • Regular exercise increases metabolic rate and to burn more calories, which results weight loss.


3_ Regular exercise boosts energy :


  • It improves cardiovascular system and lung health.

  • Regular exercise pumps more blood to your heart and delivers more oxygen to muscles.

  • As a result, your level of energy increases.


4_ Regular exercise improves skin health :


. As free radicals damage cells and antioxidant defenses them.

  • Regular exercise produces natural antioxidants in your body, stimulus blood flow and delays the sign of aging.



5_ Regular exercise improves sleep quality :


  • It helps you to sleep faster.

  • It deepens your sleep.


6_ Regular exercise improves your sex life:


  • It increases energy levels, building confidence and boosts your sex life.

  • It enhances arousal for women.

  • It decreases erectile dysfunction in men.

  • In short, regular exercise strengthens heart, improves blood circulation and tone muscles.

  • All these factors improve your sex life.


7_ Regular exercise prevents many health problems :


It decreases ;

  • High blood pressure

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stroke

  • Different types of cancer.


8_ Regular exercise improves your mood:


  • During exercise your body produces endorphins

  • Endorphins are chemicals which makes your mood positive and decreases the feelings of ;

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Depression


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